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43877 Who amongst the following has been appointed as Chief Adviser of Anti-corruption unit of BCCI   Show options

   Pankaj Misra
   Neeraj Kumar
   A P Singh
   Kiran Bedi

Answer.   Neeraj Kumar
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43876 National Panchayati Raj Day is observed on which date   Show options

   22 April
   23 April
   24 April
   25 April

Answer.   24 April
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43875 "Nikkei" is the stock index of which country    Show options

   South Korea

Answer.   Japan
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43874 Which Organization has been put under watch list by Union Home Ministry   Show options

   Mittal Group
   Tata Group
   Ford Foundation

Answer.   Ford Foundation
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43873 Who amongst the following has been appointed as US Surgeon General   Show options

   Anita Sharma
   Vivek Murthy
   M. Ravi

Answer.   Vivek Murthy
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