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40606 Recently launched Pradhanmantri Jan Dhan Yojna  has target of opening how many  new bank account by 26 Jan 2015   Show options

   1.5 Cr
   5 Cr
   7.5 Cr
   9 Cr

Answer.   7.5 Cr
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40605 Japan has announced to invest how much money in Indian economy over next five years   Show options

   15 Billion Dollar
   35.5 Billion Dollar
   25 Billion Dollar
   45.5 Billion Dollar

Answer.   35.5 Billion Dollar
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40604 Maya Rao has died, she was associated with which field   Show options

   Kuchipudi Dancer
   Women's Right
   Kathak Dancer

Answer.   Kathak Dancer
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40603 Who has been named as Junior Men player of the year by Asian Hockey Federation   Show options

   Sandeep Pujara
   Dharamveer Singh
   Manpreet Singh
   Birendra Lakara

Answer.   Manpreet Singh
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40602 Basel-3 regulations are associated with which field   Show options

   Women's right
   Banking Sector

Answer.   Banking Sector
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40601 Which country has unveiled plan to issue world's first digital currency   Show options


Answer.   Ecuador
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40600 Who has become first woman director in IIT Council   Show options

   Chandna Kocchar
   Tessey Thomas
   Seema Malhotra
   Gopa Shabarwal

Answer.   Tessey Thomas
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40599 Which African country has witnessed military coup recently   Show options


Answer.   Lesotho
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40598 "God of Anatarctica" Novel has been written by   Show options

   Anjali Prasad
   Devendra Prasad Yadav
   Ajitpal Singh
   Yashwardhan Shukla

Answer.   Yashwardhan Shukla
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