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41468 How much interest is declared on PF for 2014-15?   Show options


Answer.   8.75%
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41467 Lima where recent climate change conference held, is capital of which country?   Show options


Answer.   Peru
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41466 Which indian ecommerce company applied for IPO for becoming public?   Show options


Answer.   Flipkart
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41465 "Ruble" currency recently crashed again dollar. It belong to which country?   Show options


Answer.   Russia
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41464 Which organization was recently banned in India?   Show options


Answer.   ISIS
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41463 Which team won the first "Indian Super League" title?   Show options


Answer.   Culcutta
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41462 The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) recently signed its first bilateral Advance Pricing Agreement (APA) with a company based out of which of the following countries:   Show options

   United States

Answer.   Japan

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41461 Which of the following organizations most recently tested a 1000 kg "Glide Bomb"?   Show options

   Bharat Electronics Limited
   Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd

Answer.   DRDO
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41460 Who amongst the following persons of Indian-origin was inducted into an Australian national body Australian Multicultural Council (AMC)?   Show options

   Vasan Srinivasan
   S. Balasubramanian
   Venu Srinivasan
   None of the above

Answer.   Vasan Srinivasan

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41459 Which of the following objectives is/are included in the Electricity Amendment Bill 2014?   Show options

   Enhancing Grid safety and security
   Separation of Carriage & Content in the Distribution sector
   Rationalize the tariff structure on sound financial principles for the viability of the distribution sector
   All of the above

Answer.   All of the above

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Which of the following nations agreed with United States to restore diplomatic ties?
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Answer.   Cuba

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41457 Which of the following is the latest to join CERN as an associate member?   Show options


Answer.   Pakistan

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41456 In which year was CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) opened for inclusion of non-European states to become members ?    Show options


Answer.   2010
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41455 Minorities Rights Day was observed all across the world on which date:   Show options

   18th of December
   19th of December
   17th December
   20th December

Answer.   18th of December
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41454 Virna Lisi died recently at the age of 78. She was famous for her role in which of the following fields:   Show options

   Social Service

Answer.   Cinema
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41453 Which country passed a resolution recognising Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yousafzai as symbol of peace?   Show options

   United States

Answer.   United States
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41452 Who has been awarded the Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry 2014 for her latest poetry collection Over the Moon?   Show options

   Dorothy Parker
   Imtiaz Dharker
   Maya Angelou
   Sylvia Plath

Answer.   Imtiaz Dharker
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41451 Chunibhai Vaidya passed away recently. He was a famous:   Show options

   Freedom Fighter
   Veteran Gandhian
   Both 1 & 2
   None of the above

Answer.   Both 1 & 2
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41450 US based firm CareTech Solutions Inc was recently acquired by which company?   Show options

   Motorola Mibility Solutions

Answer.   HTC
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