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40973 What is INCORRECT about "National Air Quality Index"?   Show options

   It will have 6 categories
   It will track 8 pollutants
   It is One Number- One Colour- One Description way to describe pollution
   Range for Good is 0-100

Answer.   Range for Good is 0-100
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40972 How many pollutants the recently launched "National Air Quality Index" will track?   Show options


Answer.   8
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40971 How many categories the recently launched "National Air Quality Index" have?   Show options


Answer.   6
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40970 Recently PSLV-C26 launched IRNSS 1C satellite into space. What was purpose of this satellite?   Show options

   Weather data gathering
   For defence purpose
   For Navigation system
   For Telecommunication

Answer.   For Navigation system
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40969 What is name of World's first "Dual screen" smartphone?   Show options

   Galaxy Note
   iPhone 6
   Nokia X

Answer.   YotaPhone
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40967 In which country , Sultan of Johor cup hockey tournament is being played ?   Show options

   Saudi Arabia

Answer.   Malaysia
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40966 India recently went into final of Johor cup. Johor cup is related to which sport?   Show options


Answer.   Hockey
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40965 Which country recently started "Dada bhai Naoroji Awards"?   Show options


Answer.   UK
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40964 Company related with AgustaWestland Helicopter Scam belong to which country?   Show options


Answer.   Italy
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40963 Which Petroleum product was de-regulated in India recently [October 2014]?   Show options


Answer.   Diesel
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40962 Govt of India is rolling out Pentavalent vaccination from November. "Pentavalent" Vaccine does NOT cover which of the following disease?   Show options

   Hepatitis B

Answer.   Measle
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40960 How is "Nirbhay" missile different from Agni missile?   Show options

   It can not take nuclear bombs
   it is air to air missile
   it is sub-sonic cruise missile
   it can be easily detected by radars

Answer.   it is sub-sonic cruise missile
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40959 Who is appointed as "Chief Economoc Advisor" of India in October 2014?   Show options

   Raghuram rajan
   Kaushik Basu
   Arvind Subramaniam
   C N R Rao

Answer.   Arvind Subramaniam
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