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40415 Which indian company has raised 1 billion dollar investment recently (Check answer...)
40414 Which country has declared Ebola public health emergency (Check answer...)
40413 Which state has agreed to Ghana's offer of land to its farmers (Check answer...)
40412 One Life is Not Enough: An Autobiography book is written by (Check answer...)
40411 Which player has become first Indian  woman gymnast to win medal in Commonwealth Games (Check answer...)
40410 Deputy National Security Adviser has resigned , his name is (Check answer...)
40409 Who has been appointed as Maharashtra's horticulture Ambassador (Check answer...)
40408 World Hepatitis Day is observed on (Check answer...)
40407 Which one of the following disease is caused by Rotavirus (Check answer...)
40406 Eminent personality  Madhukar Singh has died, he was associated with which field (Check answer...)
40405 Who has been appointed as chairman of the chief of staff committee (Check answer...)
40404 Which player has set record of fastest serve in women's tennis (Check answer...)
40392 Which Portal has been launched by Narendra Modi government for good governance through citizen's participation (Check answer...)
40391 Sneha, a white tigress has given birth to black cub at (Check answer...)
40390 Sushila Rani Patel has died, she was associated with which field (Check answer...)
40389 "The Vijay Mallya Story" book has been written by (Check answer...)
40388 Which Rover has set the record of maximum distance covered by a Rover (Check answer...)
40387 Which committee has been appointed by central government to review gas pricing formula (Check answer...)
40386 Indian Air Force has received its sixth C -17 Globemaster , it is a (Check answer...)
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