List of questions for Current Affairs 2014 in English [See all categories]
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40570 Which of the Indian origin person has been appointed as Shadow Minister in UK (Check answer...)
40569 Which of the Company is going to build Knowledge Vault to store information (Check answer...)
40568 Which of the Drug has been offered by Japan to treat Ebola virus (Check answer...)
40567 Which of the Security Force Personnel has won Limca Book of Record by planting sapling at all its locations (Check answer...)
40566 Who has authored a book titled as "Not Just an Accountant" (Check answer...)
40565 Which of the India Company will implement the Eastern India Energy Highway (Check answer...)
40564 Energy Highway for Eastern India will consist of (Check answer...)
40563 National Board for Wildlife is chaired by (Check answer...)
40562 Who recently became the FIRST indian to win highest mathematics award "Fields Medal" known as Mathematics Noble Prize? (Check answer...)
40561 Who was recently awarded mathematics related award "Rolf Nevanlinna Prize"? (Check answer...)
40560 "Swach Bharat Mission" is targetted to complete by 2019. It plan to celebrate 150th anniversary of whom ? (Check answer...)
40559 "Avia Indra 2014 " is Air force excercise with which country? (Check answer...)
40558 "Kshitij-Se-Pare" is related with ? (Check answer...)
40557 Actor Richard Attenborough who died recently. How is related to India? (Check answer...)
40556 Recently global compaign for humanity known as "7 billion good acts" was launched in Mt. Abu. Which of below is NOT part of its theme? (Check answer...)
40555 Which year will be observed as "Water conservation year" in India? (Check answer...)
40554 Which government scheme planned to give "Debit Card" to poor households? (Check answer...)
40553 Which e-commerce company signed pact with Ministry of Textile to provide online marketing platform for handloom sector products? (Check answer...)
40552 What is name of experimental drug being given to Ebola virus patients? (Check answer...)
40551 Irome Sharmila is fighting against AFSPA act. She want to remove AFSPA act from which state? (Check answer...)
40550 "Spatial Poverty Index " track poverty based on? (Check answer...)
40549 Oldest Metal artifact discovered in Tel Tsaf is?  (Check answer...)
40548 Which internet company is working on project "Global Brain"? (Check answer...)
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