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40998 Which among below is NOT a character in "Comedy nights with Kapil" serial?   Show options


Answer.   Chintu
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40997 United Stock Exchange recently merged with ?   Show options


Answer.   BSE
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40992 Terry Walsh was in news recently. He is ?   Show options

   Football coach for India
   Cricket coach of indian team
   Hockey coach for team india
   Not related with India

Answer.   Hockey coach for team india
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40991 Player known as "Blade Runner" was recently jailed. What is his real name?    Show options

   Usain Bolt
   Jastin Gatlin
   Oscar Pistorius
   Milkha Singh

Answer.   Oscar Pistorius
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40990 Oscar Pistorious who was recently jailed is athelete from which country?   Show options

   south africa

Answer.   south africa
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40989 31st october will be celebrated as "Rashtriya Ekta Diwas". In whom memory it will be celebrated?   Show options

   Subhas chandra bose
   Mahatma Gandhi
   Tej bahadur sapru
   Vallabh bhai patel

Answer.   Vallabh bhai patel
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40988 Which date will be celebrated as "Rashtriya Ekta Diwas"?   Show options

   25 october
   2nd october
   14th november
   31st october

Answer.   31st october
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