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42641 Who amongst the following has been honoured with Doctorate in Automotive Engineering by Clemson University?   Show options

   Dilip Chhabria
   Anil Ambani
   Ratan Tata
   Anand Mahindra

Answer.   Ratan Tata
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42640 Which of the following Team has won Champions of Hero Hockey India League 2015   Show options

   Kalinga Lancers
   Dabang Mumbai
   Punjab Warriors
   Ranchi Rays

Answer.   Ranchi Rays
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42639 Which of the following University has signed an MoU with Indian Railways for establishment of Rail Innovation and Technology Center?   Show options

   IIT Kanpur
   Delhi University
   Mumbai University
   IIT Delhi

Answer.   Mumbai University
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42638 Union Cabinet has given approval for establishment of New Development Bank (NDB) of BRICS. Headquarters of NDB will be located at?   Show options

   New Delhi

Answer.   Shanghai
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42637 Famous personality Aloysius Vincent has passed away, he was a famous   Show options

   Sculptor Artist

Answer.   Cinematographer
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42636 Which of the following country has passed law to decriminalise marijuana in small amounts (57g) for personal use   Show options


Answer.   Jamaica
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42635 Which of the following regiments of the Indian Army was awarded the President's Standards award?   Show options

   6th Rajputana Rifles
   17th Dogra Regiment
   44 Armoured Regiment
   10th Gurkha Rifles

Answer.   44 Armoured Regiment

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42633 Apple has most recently been fined for patent infringement by which of the following companies?   Show options

   Smartflash LLC

Answer.   Smartflash LLC
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42632 TRAI has recently come up with a notification to make which of the following possible:   Show options

   No roaming charges pan India
   Pan India mobile number portability
   Pan India tiered pricing for data and similar data packs
   None of the above

Answer.   Pan India mobile number portability
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42630 Who amongst the following Indian women is not there in the list of 50 ‘Power Businesswomen’ from Asia?   Show options

   Shikha Sharma
   Kiran Mazumdar Shaw
   Usha Sangwan
   Ayesha Thapar

Answer.   Ayesha Thapar
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14th Finance Commission has submitted its report, it was headed by


  Show options

   Bimal Jalan
   Raghuram Rajan
   Vijay Kelkar
   Y V Reddy

Answer.   Y V Reddy
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"Dwekh Nawsha" militia group has been engaged in war against Islamic State (IS), it is a militia group of which country?

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Answer.   Iraq
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Which state will host 36th National Games in 2016


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   Tamil Nadu

Answer.   Goa

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Which state has won National Award for best performance in renewable energy 

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   Tamil Nadu

Answer.   Chhattisgarh
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"Surya Kiran" is a joint military exercise between India and which of the following country? 

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   Sri Lanka

Answer.   Nepal
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Maria Golovnina has died recently, she was a famous

  Show options


Answer.   Journalist
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Hajong lake in Assam is a unique habitat for which of the following endangered species

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   Assam Florican
   Pink Headed Duck
   Hill terrapins tortoise
   Siberian Crane

Answer.   Hill terrapins tortoise
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42547 Which state will set up organic cotton textile park,which will be first of its kind in India   Show options

   Madhya Pradesh
   Tamil Nadu

Answer.   Maharashtra
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42546 World Innovation Summit for Health(WISH) 2015 held in which country   Show options


Answer.   Qatar
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42544 Which among the following state has won Krishi Karman Award 2013-14 for record Grain production   Show options

   Uttar Pradesh

Answer.   Punjab
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42543 20th February is celebrated as statehood day of which of the two North Eastern States of India   Show options

   Tripura and Meghalaya
   Mizoram and Tripura
   Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram
   Arunachal Pradesh and Assam

Answer.   Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram
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42542 Who among the following Indian Cricketer has been inducted in to the ICC Hall of Fame in February 2015   Show options

   Sachin Tendulkar
   Rahul Dravid
   Virat Kohli
   Anil Kumble

Answer.   Anil Kumble
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42540 The Land Acquisition Ordinance, 2014 creates five special categories of land use for which Social Impact Assessment is exempted. Which of the following is not in that list?
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   Rural infrastructure
   Industrial corridors
   Affordable housing
   None of the above

Answer.   None of the above

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