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 A and B can separately do a piece of work in 20 and 15 days respectively. They worked together for 6 days, after which B was replaced by C. If the work was finished in next 4 days, then the number of days in which C alone could do the work will be ?


Insurance Notes For Lic Aao 2015-16:

09th Feb 2016

Dear aspirants, in the previous article, we have discussed the lic (existence and objectives). today we will cover the formation of irda and the lic umbrella acts. these topics are relevant for the insurance recruitment examination as in the general awareness section, questions related to insurance industry are always there. these insurance notes will help you out in remembering basics terms and theories related to insurance

Prime Minister Shram Awards Announced

10th Feb 2016

Prime minister shram awards announced for the year 2014 the indian government has announced the prime minister’s shram awards for the year 2014. the award will be awarded to 54 workers employed in the departmental undertakings & public sector undertakings of the central and state governments and private sector units. the award has been given in recognition of their distinguished performances, innovative abilities,

Engg. Maths - Differential Equations

09th Feb 2016

Engg. maths - differential equations - concept card 4c 4c - solutions of differential equations solution of exact equations: letf(x,y)be a function of two variables x and y. then its total differential df is defined by: now, if, then. in other words: conversely, if a differential equation has the form: for some function f(x,y),then the general solution is immediately given by: . in this case, is called an exact differential,

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