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In CLT20 2013 who won the Golden Bat award.
Henry Devids
Suresh Raina
Ajinkya Rahane
Neil Broom


Last Minute Revision Tips For Rajasthan

12th Feb 2016

Last minuterevision tips for rajasthan patwari prelims examination 2016. dear aspirants, as therajasthan patwari prelims examination is just few days away. we observed that even well-prepared students are not able to secure well in examinations just because of exam pressure. here we are sharing few tips so that you can prepare yourself for the final day. 1. start revising things that you already completed. read short

Banking Awareness Capsule 8: Cash

11th Feb 2016

Banking awareness capsule 8: cash reserve ratio dear aspirants, in the previous article, we have read about rbi (central authority of banking system in india). today we will discuss crr, a very common yet important term in the banking system. bank is an institute that accepts deposits from the customer and lends the same to others people who come to ask for loans. the interest generated from the difference in interest

Engg. Maths - Differential Equations

11th Feb 2016

Engg. maths - differential equations - concept card 4e 4e - solutions of differential equations homogenousfunctions: a function f(x,y) is said to be homogenousof degree nif the equation: holds for all x, y, and t. first-order homogenousdifferential equation: a first-order differential equation: is said to be homogenousif m and n are both homogenousfunctions of the same degree. solution of homogenousdifferential equation: in

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