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East West corridor comprising National Highways connects?
Kolkata to Mumbai
Silchar to Porbander
Patna to Surat
None of the these


Banking Awareness Capsule 9: Governor

13th Feb 2016

Banking awareness capsule 9: governor of rbi dear aspirants,in the previous card, we have discussed crr. let's discuss today the governor of rbi and list of rbi governors since its formation. governor of rbi: the governor of the reserve bank of india (rbi) is the chief executive of india's central bank and the ex-officio chairperson of its central board of directors. indian rupee currency notes, issued by the rbi, bear

Dam Rehabilitation And Improvement

13th Feb 2016

Dam rehabilitation and improvement project progress reviewed the review of the progress of dam rehabilitation and improvement project (drip) was done by shri shashi shekhar, secretary, mowr, rd & gr on 10th february 2016. the project has picked up substantial pace after a slow start which was on account of the complex preparatory phase of the project. the project involving 9 implementing agencies (ias) across seven

Engg. Maths - Differential Equations

12th Feb 2016

Engg. maths - differential equations - concept card 4f 4f - solutions of differential equations bernoulli's equation: the differential equation: where p and q are functions of (x,y) is known as bernoulli's equation. case 1: when n=0 if n=0, bernoulli's equation reduces immediately to the standard form 1st-order linear differential equation: case 2: when n=1 if n=1, the equation can also be written as a linear equation: case

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