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  • Debate: Review of Reservation policy

    Definition of Reservation: Reservation is tool through which state provide opportunity to communities/ groups which are discriminated in society based on caste, religion, region and sex. Why reservation called Positive Discrimination? Reservation is also known as......... more

  • Obama launches My Brothers Keeper

    The US President Barack Obama launched a public-private programme – My Brother’s Keeper - to provide economic and educational opportunities to disadvantaged black and Latino youth. The initiative includes a $200 million commitment from foundations and the buy-in......... more

  • India, Lanka & Maldives hold meet on Maritime Security Cooperation

    India, Sri Lanka and Maldives held National Security Advisor-level meeting on maritime security cooperation in New Delhi. In the meet the three nations reviewed and expressed satisfaction over the progress in the implementation of various activities in the identified areas.......... more

  • Buyout of WhatsApp by Facebook

    Facebook bought whatsapp in 19$ billion dollar. It has raised many questions. The amount facebook paid for an app company is more than GDP of many african countries. It also show how knowledge economy is spreading faster than the traditional economy. There was time when......... more